they fly

in the sky

varied colours

I see in my eyes

they do chirp

and they do shit

they at times sing

a melody

and birds

they freely

roam the sky


can I be

in the afterlife


like identities they attach to us

we could have them many

on the body that remains the same

names we call out

and hear our own

so special it gets

that one name

from the day we are born

till the day

the land is tilled for us

names they are an influence

a power to some

a shaming for some


let’s know for ourselves

what do we want to be called


let’s know those

the world chooses for us


water is abundant

found in the ocean

the rivers

the clouds of the sky

we drink

it we clean with

it is the major

in our body

a key

to life supply


they are abstract

can’t be catched

we think

they belong

to the hearts of men

surely somewhere else then den

they got shades

many and new

with different names

we all match them

for us to know

calendar days

after speaking to time

I went wondering

where did it go

where does it come from

from the mountains

or hills?

or the rivers and the storms ?

I took a net

and kept a snare

but couldn’t catch the time

as it is

it went on

not taking stops

says it swallow me

and go on

being true

it’s like a character

one which means to stay

on the path same

going straight

when, it’s that your heart speak



it’s a habit

a need at times

an education of sorts

a means of life

a way of communication

one which we can store

it comes in all variations

with similarities of different sort


it like’s hot and cold

many variations

many shades

a spectrum of range

it’s like measuring how hot we are

or cold is it outside