The sun

The Sun

The sun can cause silence

After the destruction it can come

Things may get heat up to fast

If none gets the cooling done

Where at those ice scrapes

Where we shall skate someday

Keeping the cold away?

Burning butane !

Running for the ice so cold ?

Down the summer roads



So many colours

in the skies

in see

from blue to black

and sometimes green

It’s a thing

unknown to me

how it gets so serene


I have been flying

All through the sky

It seems like weightless

In my might

I may never fall

This vast eternity I cross

I be here oneday

And there in sometime

what is it?


do you come from the sun


it feel you have lit the whole expanse


I see you at the night

you are a cool breeze

a sliver of silver

cherishing us

the way we cherish

the sun is harsh

and kind

gives us the heat

the bread we gain from it

and at night

the sun sleeps

to gain from rest

and be back again

mighty and tall

the moon is patient

the moon is persistent

always there in the sky

at times

getting hidden

under the bright light