what is it?


do you come from the sun


it feel you have lit the whole expanse


I see you at the night

you are a cool breeze

a sliver of silver

cherishing us

the way we cherish

the sun is harsh

and kind

gives us the heat

the bread we gain from it

and at night

the sun sleeps

to gain from rest

and be back again

mighty and tall

the moon is patient

the moon is persistent

always there in the sky

at times

getting hidden

under the bright light

Sweet song

The birds sing in the morning

How sweet the sound it seems

Roam the sky they

Fly across

To the eyes

Giving pleasure


Hurry Question

I see plastic

And I see it’s bags

If it’s bad

Why do we still use that


On a long enough time line

Everything turns to pass

My pair of legs

A walk a great

Makes my skin feel neat

Keeps active the body it

Makes one stay fit

Walk walk

Whenever you can

The more you do

The more stamina you have