Shadows I see so many

when it’s dark

it’s cast from the street lights

when not

it’s the sun

that makes them a might

it’s just a mixture of light and play

the light is always of the eternity

be it the fireflies

or may a glowing plant

it’s all from the sun


air we breathe

and air we exhale

air holds the life

the air is key

to me

and you

and to many things

air is blowing

is blowing at times

and then it stoops

one which covers so much

one which here and there

one which speaks in hustles

one which cause devastation in storms

one which causes us to know

that there are mysteries

beyond our how

about the sky

the sky is mellow

the sky is silent

the sky seems to breathe

with the max air it seems

the sky changes colours

the sky is mostly blue

and dark

in the night

you wish to hold

the sky

but couldn’t

just pass by


they help to walk fast

I get no pinches from the ground

I wear them of leather

and sometimes it’s cloth made

I like my shoes

they are like

power in a cage

learning a language

languages help us to connect

and express of us

they are breaking the barriers

of the breaching world

they help to talk

and write

what not

we can speak oceans

and like can get drops of it

music making machines

so much is the sound that is so soft

to the ear it hears melodious

all these music makers

and their machines

keeping them and us

enlightened and toast

apart from us

the nature has music


I call it the earth-sounds.

a song sung

a song is not a noise

just music inside

this sound that goes

across the miles

hitting our brains

and our hearts

melodious it sounds

I wish I could catch

but it’s just heard


a bottle is so helpful

helps me to fill water

and carry long and far

and bottles I have many

some of steel

some of glass

some made of plastic material

I even fill milk

and juice of my favourite fruits

and take sip and sip

feel the gut being filled


glass is so beautiful

made with the sand

can be given different colours

by varying it’s main

it can be made from the sand

by heating in temperatures high

and then it becomes our windows

and get’s attached to the door

and it feel like yada yada