sometimes green

green is the leaf

and green is my crayon

I wear a green shirt

and so my shoes down

green is the colour in the rainbow

in the VBGYOR we do find it

it is evident in the northern lights

and so in the souther lights

green green

is the cloud of spring

green green

I wear my rings

shape of the

I see a square

or I see a book

maybe a window

with it’s hooks

I see a circle

or it is a tumbler’s top

I see a sphere

oh, it’s sand grains

I see too much

oh, it’s just the eyes I have

I speak these words

it’s just of the memory I have

whatever left is not just not there

it’s just unsaid

what is it?


do you come from the sun


it feel you have lit the whole expanse


I see you at the night

you are a cool breeze

a sliver of silver

cherishing us

the way we cherish

the sun is harsh

and kind

gives us the heat

the bread we gain from it

and at night

the sun sleeps

to gain from rest

and be back again

mighty and tall

the moon is patient

the moon is persistent

always there in the sky

at times

getting hidden

under the bright light

seek and hide

I looked at the moon


where did you go that day

said it, was still there


not I could see

who ate away this bit of you?

and is eating everyday!

I have been here

all alone

non could touch me

or eat and swallow