music making machines

so much is the sound that is so soft

to the ear it hears melodious

all these music makers

and their machines

keeping them and us

enlightened and toast

apart from us

the nature has music


I call it the earth-sounds.

a song sung

a song is not a noise

just music inside

this sound that goes

across the miles

hitting our brains

and our hearts

melodious it sounds

I wish I could catch

but it’s just heard


a bottle is so helpful

helps me to fill water

and carry long and far

and bottles I have many

some of steel

some of glass

some made of plastic material

I even fill milk

and juice of my favourite fruits

and take sip and sip

feel the gut being filled


glass is so beautiful

made with the sand

can be given different colours

by varying it’s main

it can be made from the sand

by heating in temperatures high

and then it becomes our windows

and get’s attached to the door

and it feel like yada yada

child days

when I was a child

it was all blue and green

no days to count

no numbers in the memory

it was all just play and sleep

down here and up somewhere

and every time it seemed

to last all the time

such were the days

of the child

Yellow Trees

A tree has a brown trunk

And it’s leaves green

It gives fruits at times

The ones we sell and seek

Grow more and more

Outnumber their roar

The sweet whisper

of the walking winds

Tree and Trees

A tress grows and grows

Seems till forever

Unnoticed by the one who notes

Even after keeping a sharp eye all day long

They bear things of different nature

Some we dine

Some dime

In some we dwell

And some dent

plastic phones

a phone is a invention

amazing as it can be

the ones seeming silent

keep speaking long on this

it can be hand held

and can be picked from a pocket

it helps to call the loved ones

far and near

play games on it

and watch movies too

surf the internet all day long

make drawings on it

and music too

my moon

I looked at the moon

it’s was so bright

it got it’s phases

full and not

it’s shines like a disk

I wish I could grab

frisbee it in the grand sky

hit the stars

coming by

feel the freedom

of no boundaries

b i r d s

I hear the chirps

of the singing birds

as they fall the leaves

on the playground

of the nature

this beauty all it seems

catch them you can’t

they seem to fly

high above the head

even in the winter sky

they speak a lull

as a distant flower

and I

muzzle into the peace

brought under the tress

as they by

I choose to speak

in unison

with the ground

to birds

in their sounds

they care

care a lot

too much

for us

they say

they live

they say

they die

they say

they breathe

the whole sky