My pair of legs

A walk a great

Makes my skin feel neat

Keeps active the body it

Makes one stay fit

Walk walk

Whenever you can

The more you do

The more stamina you have

So many

I see so many colours

But they are just the subset of a few

Because blue is the water

And blue is the sky

But then the water is blue

Because of the sky

The sky looks blue

Because of the sun

The sun is yellow

So how come

The sky is blue

From the yellow sun

The sky loses its color

But the sun never runs down

It just sets on the ground

Causing dusk and dawn


Shoes shoes shoes

Some small

Some big

They protect us from the harsh heat

Protect they from intense cold

Help to regulate the body temperature

They look cool

Make us look good

And when you walk with them in

The harshness of the ground is prevented


The ball is round

Like a circle

Like a sphere

Rolls on the ground

Spears the air

Floats on water

If air filled


In the heart of heaven

Lie starts many

So many I can’t count on fingers

Look they turn into infinity